We currently have the following courses set up for SCORM Remote:

  • EN Toolkit (Version 3)
  • CW Toolkit (Version 2)
  • Cultural Safety Toolkit
  • PEPA Learning Guides
  • First Nations Toolkit

If another course is required, you will need to follow Step 1 in this process first.

Step 1: Set up SCORM Remote Content

  1. Set up new course (eg, ENT-V3 Remote) - use 'Topics Format'
  2. Add activity - enter title
  3. Upload SCORM files using the 'SCORM Remote' activity type
  4. Leave all other activity settings as they are (default)
  5. In the course page - click on the activity link
  6. Download the wrapper file (".zip" extension)
  7. Send these files to the third party (email or google drive)

Step 2: Set up third party access

  1. Set up a tier for the third party (eg, Equals) and add 1,000,000 seats, select the course with the content for them to access. Admin Link: 
  2. Add a client - name and domains required. NB. The domain is just the unique domain name, not the https://... (eg., not Admin Link:
  3. Ensure that the LMS manager at the third part site has a user account on our system. Enrol them as a participant in the relevant course so that they can download the SCORM wrapper files ready for upload to their LMS. You will need to email them the direct course link so that they can access the hidden course.
For more information about the SCORM Remote plug-in, go to:  

Information to send to third party regarding options for content sharing: LTI and SCORM-Remote - PDF Document