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Program of Experience in the Palliative Approach (PEPA) and Indigenous PEPA (IPEPA) empower health professionals to deliver palliative care through providing free placements, workshops and learning resources. PEPA Aged Care provides customised training in the aged care context.

In this site you can access our Placement courses and Online Learning. Click on the links below to access these resources. 

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Placement Courses

Find the course for placements in your state or territory here. You will be able to access the course once the PEPA/IPEPA staff have enrolled you.

PEPA Aged Care Placements 

Find the course for PEPA Aged Care Reverse Placement learning experiences here.

Online Learning

Find online learning modules for the whole health workforce in our learning guides and new PalliBytes microlearning modules.

Find the full list of PEPA/IPEPA LMS courses here:

PEPA Mentoring resources have been created and divided into four portals (online learning, hub sessions, resources and links) to support healthcare workers/professionals who work in palliative care to mentor generalist healthcare workers/professionals in a way that supports the mentor to have knowledge, skill and confidence to share their knowledge about culturally responsive palliative care. 

PEPA/IPEPA facilitators are approved team members of the PEPA team.  PEPA facilitators are a range of people who deliver Education and Training material within the PEPA/IPEPA program.
To become an approved PEPA/IPEPA facilitator you will have to be approved by the PEPA manager from your State or Territory.  For more information please email pepa@qut.edu.au

Only Managers of jurisdictions will be granted access to the content of this PEPA/IPEPA database.   
For more information please email pepa@qut.edu.au

This course link is only available for PEPA Aged Care Nurse Educators. For access, please contact pepa@qut.edu.au