The PCC4U Project Team recognises that quality implementation requires regular contact and support for educators across all contexts who are implementing PCC4U learning resources. One strategy to promote quality implementation is to run a series of webinars, to support the development of the educator capabilities:

  • E1: Develop discipline-specific intended learning outcomes based on palliative care capabilities
  • E2: Use reputable learning and teaching resources to support learners’ development of palliative care capabilities
  • E3: Apply evidence-based learning and teaching strategies in palliative care education.

The PCC4U Project Team hosts these interactive webinars to provide opportunities for Educators who are implementing PCC4U learning resources, to network, share information, participate in a variety of learning and teaching strategies, and hear others talk about their implementation experience.

This course provides access to all webinar recordings and resources for the PCC4U 2021 Educator Webinar series.