Online mentoring learning steps the user through four module of learning which include the PEPA Placement and discusses learner centred approaches, effective mentoring practices, mentor attributes and culturally-responsive mentoring practices. Over the sessions, a PEPA participant (Aisha) is followed on a PEPA placement, giving the mentor time to reflect on strategies and approaches to facilitate the journey.

PEPA/IPEPA facilitators are approved team members of the PEPA team.  PEPA facilitators are a range of people who deliver Education and Training material within the PEPA/IPEPA program.

To become an approved PEPA/IPEPA facilitator you will have to be approved by the PEPA manager from your State or Territory.  For more information please email

Only Managers of jurisdictions will be granted access to the content of this PEPA/IPEPA database.   

For more information please email