Access 6 training modules covering the key concepts of palliative care. These modules can be completed in any order, however it is recommended that you commence with Module 1 (The Principles of Palliative Care) in order to gain a good understanding of the foundation principles and standards that support palliative care in Australia. The modules consist of a number of short lessons and are designed as a resource which you can exit, and resume when you have available time. Each module will take approximately 90 minutes to complete in total.

The GP Rural and Remote placement online learning module has been designed for GP participants undertaking a PEPA supervised clinical placement.  This module is designed to help GPs prepare for and maximise their learning during a PEPA placement.  This module covers  key topics in palliative care, provides activities to consolidate learning and directs users to other sources of information that should enable them to further develop their knowledge and skills in palliative care.